Fecha: 2019

Sello: IBS Classical




Juan García Rodríguez · director

Zahir Ensemble

Julio Moguer · piano
Dieter Nel · violonchelo
Marie Teresa Pfiz · viola

1. Concierto de cámara (1979)

2. Eros (1993)

Anatomías (2005-2007)
3. I. Agitato
4. II. Largo
5. III. In fretta

The present release is the result of a determined and independent search for sound. It represents a commitment shared between the composer, performer and producer to popularize a little known musical repertoire; one which has been largely ignored in recent contemporary Spanish compositional history, but one that is nevertheless deserving of recognition. In the search for this sound, we began with the composer Luis de Pablo (b. Bilbao, 1930), that indefatigable seeker with the wide intellectual profile. With his sterling reputation as an artist, a study of Luis de Pablo is an essential ingredient to any understanding of contemporary Spanish music. Above all, we observed the behaviour of this leading composer; assuming, in his case, it stemmed from a deep personal conviction; one which led him to manage, promote, and disseminate contemporary creativity in all of its many expressions

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