Fecha: 2019

Sello: Naxos



Chamber symphony nº1, op. 9 / Suite, op. 29

Juan García Rodríguez · director

Zahir Ensemble

Alfonso Rubio · flauta
Javier Trigos · clarinete
Miguel Ángel Ruiz · clarinete
Pepe Benítez · clarinete bajo
Joan Espina · violín
Marie Teresa Nawara · viola
Dieter Nel · violonchelo
Óscar Martín · piano

Suite, op. 29 (1925-26)
1. I. Ouverture
2. II. Tanzschritte
3. III. Thema mit Variationen
4. IV. Gigue

5. Chamber symphony nº 1, op. 9 (1906)
(arr. A. Webern for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano) (1923)

Always among the most innovative of composers, Arnold Schoenberg (1874–1951) wrote several works that deliberately blur the distinction between chamber orchestra and chamber ensemble. Among these, the First Chamber Symphony compresses the classical symphonic format into a tensile single movement scored for only fifteen players, while the Suite draws its seven instruments into a maelstrom of vitality whose inspiration lies in the dance styles that were popular during the 1920s. The Zahir Ensemble is one of Spain’s most exciting modern music groups, whose passion and technical accomplishment have gained them an ardent following.

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